Arriving to Ronneby

In Sweden, you are entitled to different types of support. Exactly what you are
entitled to depends on the basis on which you are in the country. Here we have gathered some information that may be good for you to know.


Ronneby is a municipality in the region of Blekinge. Here lives 29 000 residents. We are sorry for what is happening in Ukraine and that you had to leave your country. We hope you feel safe in Ronneby.

We have gathered some information that may be good for you to know. Most of the information is from the national authorities that you can find in russian or ukrainian at

Apply for a residence permit

The EU has decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive. The directive applies to you who are a Ukrainian citizen and were a resident of Ukraine before February 24, 2022 you who have a residence permit as a refugee or have subsidiary protec­tion status in Ukraine family members of the above two.

To be covered by the directive, you must have come to Sweden on 30 October 2021 or later, and have remained in Sweden since you entered the country. This means that if you come from Ukraine, you can get a tempo­rary residence permit in Sweden.

To apply, you must register and present a biometric national passport or other Ukrainian identity documents. You will also need to provide your fingerprints and be photographed as part of the registration process. You will receive a decision about your application for a residence permit within a few days. You will then receive a residence permit card.

Once you have received your residence permit in accordance with the Temporary
Protection Directive, you are entitled to:

  • some financial assistance
  • basic healthcare
  • food and accommodation
  • work or go to school in Sweden

If you have a residence permit with temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive and wish to remain in Sweden, you must apply for an extended residence permit no later than 4 March 2024.

More information and link to application for an extended residence permit you will find on the Swedish Migrations Agency`s website. External link.

Find out more about residence permits on the Swedish Migrations Agency’s website:

Infor­ma­tion regar­ding residence permits for ukrainian citizens (The Swedish Migration Agency) External link.

Apply for a placement in preschool and school

In order for a child to be entitled to preschool or school, the family must have received a residence permit in accordance with the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive from the Swedish Migration Agency. The right to preschool then applies on the same terms as for Swedish citizens. In the case of upper secondary school, the youth has to enroll in school before the age of 18.

In order to apply for preschool or school in Ronneby please get in contact with the citizen service in Stadshuset in Ronneby. There you will have to fill in an application for each child.

Citizen service (Medborgarservice) at Stadshuset
Karlshamnsvägen 4

For openening hours please check this website.

Learning the Swedish language

Studying Swedish

There are serveral study circles for you to learn the Swedish language in Ronneby. For more information and application please contact the study circle you are interested in.

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan - offers language classes in Ronneby

Ali Al Dahir

telefon: +46/0726-44 82 08

Studiefrämjandet - offers digital language classes External link. (information in Ukrainian)

NBV - offers digital language classes

Daniel Wendel, NBV


ABF- Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund - offers language classes in Ronneby

Diyar Omer

telefon: +46/0457-172 72 or +46/0727-05 56 94

Work related questions

If you are 16 years or older you have the right to work. If you want support to look for work in Sweden, you can register with Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service).

You register with Arbetsförmedlingen by visiting a service office (Statens servicecenter). There is no office in Ronneby. The nearest office is in:

  • Karlshamn (Stadsportsgatan 9) or
  • Karlskrona (Stora Möllebacksgränd 10).

To find more information and opening hours visit the web site:

Are you from Ukraine and looking for work? External link.

How to seek medical care

If you get ill, the website offers information about what you can do in order to feel better and recover more quickly. You can also find necessary contact details to the healthcare services. When you call +46 771 1177 00 you will receive advice from a nurse about what you can do and where you should turn if you need medical care. The number works 24/7 all over the country.

You can visit a healthcare centre to receive help if you have injured yourself or if you are not feeling well. The staff at the healthcare centre has experience and knowledge when it comes to most injuries and illnesses. If necessary, you will be referred to a hospital. When the healthcare centre is closed you can seek medical care by calling +46 771 1177 00.

At the emergency room you will receive help if you become seriously ill or injured in an accident. Patients with the most urgent need of medical care will always be tended to first. The emergency number 112 is available if you or someone nearby is in need of immediate emergency care.

Medical care in Blekinge county is free of charge if you are a refugee from Ukraine. In other parts of Sweden, this may be different.

How to seek medical care, External link.

Collective information about in english External link.

Important phone numbers

112 – emergency number
The emergency number 112 is used in emergencies when there is a danger to life, property or the environment. You can call the emergency number 112 around the clock, from a landline or mobile phone, wherever you are in Sweden. Your call will be answered by an SOS operator who will ask questions in order to provide the necessary assistance.

114 14 - non-urgent police matters
Call 114 14 for all non-urgent police matters, such as providing information or reporting crimes that are not ongoing. Those who answer on 114 14 speak Swedish or English. If you are calling from a foreign mobile in Sweden, call +46 77 114 14 00.

Welcome to the Swedish Police External link.

Bringing pets to Sweden

If you are a pet owner, you must report your animal to customs staff when you arrive at the border. If your animal do not meet the import requirements, customs staff will contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture. They will ask for documentation and may ask questions about the animal’s health status in order to make required assessments.

If an animal from Ukraine is in Sweden without having been checked by cust­oms staff upon arrival, it must be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, different measures may be relevant. The Swedish Board of Agriculture is responsible for costs related to the veterinary visit.

Find out what rules to follow when bringing pets to Sweden on the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s website:

Movement of dogs, cats or ferrets to Sweden, Swedish Board of Agriculture External link.

Traveling in Ronneby and the south of Sweden

Untill 2022 october 31st refugees from Ukraine were allowed to travel without a ticket in Ronneby and the south of Sweden. From 2022 november 1st the regulation changes and you have to pay for your travels on scheduled buses, trains and shuttle boats.

For more information and prices visit the website: External link.

Skå External link.

Service in our library

Everyone is welcome and you can get help with borrowing computer, books and more.

The library offers:

  • Computers and free wifi
  • Printer and copier
  • Books for children and adults in different languages
  • Easy-to-read books and books to listen to
  • Newspapers in different languages
  • Grammar books and dictionaries
  • Staff to ask if you need help External link.

This page will be updated regularly.