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Welcome to Brunnsbadet

The water landscape

The water landscape is designed as a lake with bays and canals, connected to each other with an island in the middle. In the landscape there is a 25 m swimming pool for exercise and swimming, a shallow ”beach” and a deeper lagoon with platforms for jumping into the water.
There is also a streaming canal, an underwater bench with water jets and a jacuzzi.

The baby pool

The baby pool is divided into three areas with different depths of water. The most shallow area is 25 cm and the deepest 50 cm. It has a small water slide and water toys throwing water.

Water slides

There are two different water slides, one 93 meters Magic-Hole-water slide, in which several persons can go at once, and one ordinary slide with bumps and turns that is 75 meters.

Notice! You have to buy special tickets for the water slides at the entrance.