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BBI Silicon Valley Business Boost

När: 2017-04-02
Var:Silicon Valley, San Francisco

Would you like to experience Silicon Valley and learn their way to do business?

In April we travel to Silicon Valley and San Francisco together with a group of entrepreneurs for the third continous year. Why? Because this trip is one of the most appreciated events we have arranged. Listen to what entrepreneur think of this trip here >> (video in swedish) There is so much to learn from this valley and our co-travelers usually come home with a whole new outlook on business and international growth.

As always, our goal is to learn as much as we can about the tools and methods developed and used in the valley, visit many exciting places, meet many interesting people and to go home with a sense of that special culture that make this place possible. See the full program and more details here >> Hopefully we also meet great new friends within our own group of travellers. A few spots are still open for this year, do you want to join us?

Contact Christian Malmström, Business Developer at BBI for more information or booking, christian@b-b-i.se, 0733-12 49 40